About Me

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I am a family man, married with 2 kids. I have lived in and been part of a wonderful community on Orcas Island for six years before moving to Everett in summer of 2015. Prior to starting my business, I have worked in and around construction for a few years before being drawn towards full-time painting. I have been painting for a total of about 10 years, 2 years of which were spent working for the top painting company in my opinion, on Orcas Island. It's my experience from working for them as a foreman and managing jobs from start to completion, in addition to working on some very high-end, high quality, and attention to detail, jobs that has given me the experience, knowledge, and most of all confidence to finally branch out and work for myself. Now I’m able to bring my experience and my passion for providing quality and precision work to customers. I take such pride in the work and service I provide that I don't leave my name attached to a job, I or my customer is unsatisfied with.


Professionalism and Quality


I am a independent painting contractor with no employees. I do sub-contracted work in addition to my own contracts. My drive is to maintain a clean appearance with the utmost professional customer service while providing the best workmanship I possibly can. I take pride in the work I do and enjoy seeing the transformation of what it was to what it becomes. I strive to provide clean precision finish by focusing myself on attention to detail,all while providing the best quality I can offer for a reasonable price.

Assurance and Guaranteed

I am fully licensed, bonded, and insured to legally provide my services to my customers. I provide a written contract to be signed by both myself and my customers so as to equally protect both parties involved in the work transaction. I always use great quality products on my jobs that I stand behind for there finish and lifespan. But I am always open to use other products if a customer has a preference to what they want used. It is because of the products I offer that I am able to bring my experience and my passion for providing quality and precision work to my customers. I take such pride in the work I do that my main goal is to accomplish my work with complete customer satisfaction, and will not leave my name attached to any job that I or especially the customer is not happy with.  

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